Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center

At the Center, experts in many fields are engaged in the scientific study of everyday life, researching and assessing products from a consumer perspective in order to convey new lifestyle knowledge and fresh, trustworthy product reports. Their efforts range from featuring technical perspectives provided by manufacturers, to offering easily comprehensible commetns for television programs. Several of the Center’s studies have been presented to scientific societies, and have received high reputations.

A group with expertise in merchandise, beauty, food and cooking, the environment, and advertising

The Center uses the product and lifestyle information it gains through experiments and research for a wide range of applications: television programs, newspaper and magazine articles, and even PR production.
Its field of expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of lifestyle issues, including recipe development, using consumer monitors to measure the effects of cosmetics, and performance checks and quality management for detergents, commodities, and home appliances. The Center’s diverse sponsored business includes product development research commissioned by corporations and the production of sales promotion materials. In performing these tasks, it becomes a bridge between consumers and corporations.

Overseeing everything from product testing to PR production

The Center is able to develop user manuals, product leaflets, and even advertising tie-ins based on the product information gained from experiments and survey results.
It can take a researcher’s perspective on the merits of one particular item from a huge variety of products, rephrase it in terms accessible to the average consumer, and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. Our lab’s credit – FCG Research Institute, Inc. and Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center – can also be used with regard to trial results from our company in developing advertising.

Proposals from consumer and female perspectives

Release materials created by product developers (manufacturers) and advertising agencies come straight from the manufacturer’s side, and consumers are left wondering whether the information is really true, and specifically what sort of effect the product has.
At our laboratory, researchers in each department investigate products from a consumer viewpoint and draft appropriate reports. In addition, our beauty and food departments are staffed with female researchers, and so are able to deliver project proposals for new products and improvements from a female perspective.

Living Science Department

Consumer Goods Lab

The Lab performs both hard and soft evaluations of household commodities in general, including home appliances, household goods, and toiletries. It is also in charge of checking the legality of user manuals and advertising displays, of user manual production, and of investigating the causes of accidents involving mail order products.

Wellness Lab

The Lab conducts research across a wide range, from assessments of wellness and beauty-related products to skin and hair care. It also analyzes video image, creates project proposals for new products, and produces user manuals. With the help of consumer monitors, it performs sponsored research into the effects of cosmetics, air conditioners, foods, functional foods, and other items on skin.

The Lab uses sensory evaluation and culinary science assessments to research food items and cooked dishes, and also develops recipes and performs nutrition calculations. It has a recipe database with approximately 20,000 recipes, which it uses when it accepts orders for the production of sales promotion pamphlets and websites.

Integrated Pest Management Lab

The Lab investigates harmful organisms in indoor environments and researches methods to counteract them. It concentrates on basic research, and also proactively performs joint research with universities and other research institutes. It is affiliated with the Society of Indoor Environment Japan, the Society of House and Household Pest Science, Japan, the Japan Society of Medical Entomology and Zoology, the Japanese Society of Mycotoxicology, the Japan Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property, and others.

Planning Development Department

Planning Development Section

The Section plans and produces books and pamphlets, as well as producing manuals and advertising tie-ins for home appliances, cosmetic implements and similar items. It also handles a wide range of digital media-related business, including webpage production, web server management, and database design.